17 days remain in the Summer Challenge

Hello and happy Sunday.

It has been a bit since the last post. The kids and I have been rearranging schedules and adjusting to the new schools. I wasn’t aware of how much time my going back to school was going to take, but we survived the first week. I am looking forward to fall. The cooler temps and and the routine that comes with settling in.

The summer challenge is almost over. I am surrounded by squares. Everywhere I look I see a box or bag stuffed with squares. I can honestly say it is a bit overwhelming to have squares crammed into as many open spaces as possible. It’s a happy problem to have. At last count I had in my possession 1,582 squares from 26 states and three Canadian provinces. That means we will be able to make almost 53 blankets from the Summer 2013 Challenge. You all blew away the goal of 1,000 squares.

I mentioned on facebook that I will be planning a pot-luck sorting party in Saline, Michigan. I will be going tomorrow to book the ball room at the American Legion. The person in charge of scheduling said September was completely booked so we are looking at a Sunday afternoon in October. I will update with the info as soon as it is set in stone this week.

Until then check out the photos. Great job people!!! You have made our Summer challenge a huge success and have touched many children with your squares!


Remember this is an on-going project. Squares are always needed and welcome.


Founder of Love Squared.

2 Comments on "17 days remain in the Summer Challenge"

  1. Jane in Houston says:

    – Hi Leah,

    thanks for the update. It must seem like a herculean task to now assemble the squares –
    Thank you for all of the GOOD work that you and your team of volunteers do. Glad to know that this is an ongoing project – my personal goal was to be finished with as many 8″ squares as possible by 9/20 – I may extend that until 9/25 – I want to allow plenty of shipping time to Michigan.

    • Leah says:

      Hi, Jane.
      It is a bit overwhelming. Everywhere I look I see a box or bag of squares peeking out at me. It’s a good problem to have and I wouldn’t change it. It looks like I have plenty of helpers coming to the sorting pot-luck. I am hoping to get some seamers to volunteer too. It is a big job.

      A friend of mine has challenged her friends to help us reach the 2,000 mark before the end of the month. Your squares will definitely count! Just let me know how many you ended up sending and they get added to the total.

      hank you so much for your support. I am excited to see and photograph your squares.

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