An exciting update


Hello to all.

I wanted to share a bit of news with everyone. Some of you know that we are moving so there is a new address. I updated it on the site about a month ago, but want to state again that we no longer have the PO Box we have always used. Love-Squared is still in full swing and nothing, but the address is changing.
Now for the fun and exciting information. I have been keeping a tally and posting pictures of squares that have been coming in on the facebook page. It is time I update here as well. The postal carriers have been busy. It seems there is a new package every two or three days. I love it!! Since the challenge was first announced on April 25, we have received 724 squares. Isn’t that amazing? I am truly shocked. We only have 276 more squares to go before we reach our goal by September 25. I have received quite a few emails about squares in the mail and pledges of squares. I am positive we are going to reach the goal before the end of July.

I have also been compiling a list of where the squares have come from. I can now say we have gone international with the addition of squares coming from two provinces of Canada. I will be adding a map to the site soon with a little pin representing each place place of origin. Here is a list of states we have already received packages from. There are people in several other states who have pledged squares. I will add them to the list when they arrive. This list makes me so happy.

New Mexico
New York
North Carolina

Founder of Love Squared.

3 Comments on "An exciting update"

  1. Christie C says:

    WOOOOHOOO! Awesome news for Love-Squared! <3

  2. Hey Leah – Randi’s “other” mother-in-law Lynne here. I am curious about this and would love to know more. I work for Habitat for Humanity and while we are not a homeless ministry, I work everyday to “end homelessness in Lenawee County” where we live and where I work for Habitat. The tag line “helping homeless families help themselves” really intrigued me. How does Love Squared work?

    • Leah says:

      Hi, Lynne.
      The motto/tag line you are referring to belongs to Family House. They are an amazing family shelter in Toledo. We have been donating most of the blankets we make through Love-Squared to the children living there.
      Love-Squared works to bring a little happiness and comfort to the children who are finding themselves and their family in a new and some times scary situation. People donate knit or crocheted squares and Love-Squared seams them together to make patch-work afghans. We then donate these blankets to Family House, churches who house un-housed children and anywhere else we see a need.

      I would love to talk to you more about your work with Habitat and ask a few questions.


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