Better Late Than Never

     P1020429 Hello to all of you. I just realized how long it has actually been since my last post. I decided to go back to school last semester and it has been crazy keeping up on the homework as well as taking care of a family and Love-Squared. While I may have neglected the website the blankets were still being put together. Last week I delivered 57 blankets to Family House. This is the largest number of blankets we have been able to deliver at one time!!! Excellent work to you all.

     Since it is spring again, FINALLY, I am issuing another 1,000 square challenge. The time line is the first day of spring to the last day of summer. The squares will be sorted and the putting together will begin all along the time line. I’d like to have them ready to donate by mid-fall.

Some more exciting and hopeful new for all of you: it is very possible there will be a new chapter of Love-Squared on the West Coast. It is still in the talking stage and I will let you know as soon as it is finalized. BIG things happen because so many of you support the mission. Thank you for that!



Founder of Love Squared.

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