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All I can say is WOW!

I hate to admit it, but the kindness from people toward strangers always surprises me. I know there are those of us out there who still believe in helping others, but it seems more rare that I run into them. Since starting Love-Squared, I have been overwhelmed by the response. Linda Johnson, CNM and owner of Mother’s Own Birth Center, Conny Beard and Jennifer Blakeman, Owner of the Dragonfly Tea Cottage and Nikki, owner of Rising Stars Dance Academy, are just a few who have gotten Love-Squared flying. There are so many other people who have shown their support. I can’t begin to list them all. Today I add one more whom I need to mention and thank in person. A big thank you to Regina Jankowski and the Family Center at the Toledo Art Museum for the amazing yarn donation. I can’t even describe what went through my head when I saw the piles of yarn. I think I was speechless for five full minutes. The more than generous donation allows us to supply yarn to those who want to help Love-Squared, but are unable to take on the expense of supplies.


On a different note, while at the Dragonfly Tea Cottage, (I almost called it the Dragonfly Knitting Cottage) I counted 65 squares! That is only 10 squares away from Jennifer’s goal of 75. You are all amazing. As a personal challenge to you all, I wonder if you can donate 100 squares total by September 25.

While I was at at the Dragonfly…

Baskets of Love from Dragonfly

Some funky, fun squares

After a day at the zoo with the kiddos I got a date night with my eldest child. Acoustic and poetry night at the Dragonfly Tea Cottage. Poetry night is one of my favorite “get away from the house for adult time” events. Since Indigo was playing I took Charlie to check it out. He and I had a great evening of music, apricot tea and dessert. If you get to pop in to the Dragonfly for lunch you have to try the bread pudding. Amazing doesn’t begin to cover it!

While I was there I took some pictures of the over flowing baskets of squares. The out pouring of support from the loyal Dragonfly family has been amazing. They are going to reach their goal of 75 squares. Yesterday, a customer dropped off 30 squares. Can you believe it? 30! That brings them to an approximate total of 42.  Keep it going Dragonfly!

A huge thank you to Linda and Conny for their continued support and donations. Their squares, along with Dragonfly’s, bring us to a total of 120! Enough for four afghans! We are 2 afghans, a mere 60 squares, away from our immediate goal of 6. Of course I would love to blow that goal out of the water and I know we can do it.

On behalf of Love-Squared and the Family House recipients of the finished afghans, a heartfelt thank you.

Friday night knitting at the Dragonfly

Jessica Working Hard

Squares from the Dragonfly Family

It’s finally Friday! That means knit night at the Dragonfly Tea Cottage. One of my favorite weekly events. There is not a better way to end the long, crazy week than sitting on the front porch, sipping some iced chai and chatting with wonderful people.

While Jessica was concentrating on her purple square, I was inside with Jen, looking at all the great squares her patrons have donated. We also discussed a knit along at the Dragonfly soon. Details will follow as soon as I get them set. Until then, I hope you can join us on the porch every Friday from 6-8pm.