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Color Choices are not limited to the bright and cheery.

I have been undecided whether to share this. There is always the concern that if we post a need for a certain color, that is all we will receive. Since it has been asked several times recently, I will write about it. We really do use white and black squares. While we would never make a solid white blanket, we do use whites to offset some of the crazy, should never work together, squares. Many times, black helps calm super bright blankets while making other colors pop.

White, black, and gray are the least donated colors, but often times the most needed. I am not saying only send us these colors. Please keep the solids, stripes, and fun squares coming. We love them and need them. But, if you run across a great deal on whites, black, or gray, don’t hesitate, we do use them all.

Thank you all for your continued support. The show of interest and love from everyone has been wonderful. Remember, keep the squares coming and spread the word. We will conquer the EVERY STATE CHALLENGE.

I’ve been thinking again.

It has been busy for Love-Squared since Tent City. Squares have been arriving steadily. This week, between Christie, Kathy, and myself, we have been fielding questions and comments from long-time followers and people just hearing about us. Most of the traffic has been coming through our facebook page, but not all of it. To those of you out there spreading the word, a huge heartfelt “THANK YOU.”

Anyway, before I let myself get more distracted, the huge upswing in interaction has me thinking. Usually, when I begin thinking, it leads to a new challenge. Our last challenge was a smashing success. I really had my doubts that we would actually collect enough squares to make 100 blankets. Again, you all proved me wrong. This challenge is going to be a bit different. Instead of challenging you with a number, I challenge you by location. Intrigued?

How many of the 50 states can we collect squares from? This may be the most difficult challenge yet. It is going to heavily rely on word of mouth. I believe our first 1,000 challenge brought squares in from 26 states and several countries. This time, can we collect from all 50 states? I honestly don’t know, but I can’t wait to see you all try.

IMG_2293Now it’s time for all of you to get busy keeping the three of us busy. Start knitting and crocheting, send some emails, or better yet, reach out and call someone you haven’t spoke to in a while.  From Today through July 31, 2016 we will be keeping track of and posting locations.


Tent City 2015

If you follow me on facebook, personally or through Love-Squared, you have probably heard me talk about 1Matters and Tent IMG_2279City. My first Tent City experience was October, 2011.  My husband, eldest son, and I signed up to serve dinner to the un-housed and in-need people of Toledo, OH. What we actually did was meet over 1,000 new and interesting people, listen to their stories, and we got back as much friendship and respect as we gave. The experience was eye-opening, and for me, life-changing. I had started Love-Squared four months before, but after volunteering I threw myself into making sure Love-Squared succeeded.

IMG_2293 Today, Kathy, Christie, and I went to Tent City 2015 on behalf of Love-Squared. Thanks to a successful 3,000 square challenge that ran from November, 2014 – May, 2015, we were able to make 100 blankets to take with us along with a few to work on. I honestly thought we had taken too many and would end up leaving with at least half of them. I have mixed feelings about being wrong. On one hand, I am so proud of all of the work and dedication from the Love-Squared volunteers. We set a high goal and we reached it. On the other hand, I am sad to know we took 100 blankets and probably could have used a few more. There were that many kids.  At theIMG_2295 end, we had one blanket left when 2 children walked up. Our wonderful Kathy had just finished seaming a blanket and Super-Crocheter Christie raced to get the border finished so that one child wasn’t left out. That made 101 blankets given out today. I AM SO PROUD OF OUR TEAM!!!

This post is getting away from me. I always feel a bit overwhelmed, emotional, and reflective after a day like today. I wish you all could have been there to see the faces of the children and their parents at our table today. The very first kids who came over to choose their blanket were so happy they wrapped themselves IMG_2282up and grinned. We had such an amazing and fulfilling day. There were so many smiles and giggles as each child chose a blanket they really loved. You all made that happen. You should all feel happy and full of the joy your squares have brought these kids. I watched babies snuggle into the softness and children, the majority under seven years old, happily fold their blankets to put into bags. It was great to see the kids walking around Tent City with their Love-Squared blankets.  The smiles from their parents were just as big and bright. I teared up quite a few times just from pure joy.

As always, I close with a challenge and it’s a big one. My challenge to you all is to keep IMG_2273enough squares coming in that we are able to continue our donations to Family House and Jackson Interfaith Shelter, as well as 100 blankets for the annual Tent City.

It’s a tall order, but I am confident we can do it.



Photos coming, I promise!

WE DID IT!!!!! WE DID IT!!!!! WE DID IT!!!!! WE DID IT!!!!!

Tomorrow marks the final day of our 3,000 goal challenge. As of this morning we received the squares that put us over the 3,000. In fact, we have 3,022 squares, with more on the way in the mail.

Currently, I am driving from Portland, OR to Michigan for a long visit. As soon as I get there I will post photos. I was just too excited not to share the news.

You all are so amazing! I can’t even begin to thank you.

Calling All Community Action Organizations

I admit it. I am horrible at writing blog posts.  I find it much quicker to post photos and quick updates to the facebook page while I’m on the go. I am making more of an effort to keep posts here coming regularly. If you haven’t seen a new post in a while, bug me about it. Keep me on my toes.

This particular blog post was inspired by my eldest son. He emailed me from school yesterday asking if he could use Love-Squared for his community action project. He and a group of students need to find a lesser-known non-profit or charity to research. Then they have to come up with a way to advertise, raise awareness and support for their chosen organization. I don’t have all of the details yet, but it sounds like an excellent unit for these junior high kids. I remember loving a project like this in my high school sociology class. Thank you, Mr. DiPaolo.

At first I was going to tell him no. Then I thought, well, why not Love-Squared? We do not have the federal non-profit status as of yet, another detail that keeps getting put on the back burner, but we are a charity organization that focuses on our communities. Sounds like a good candidate for his project and for others out there.  How many other schools and youth programs do community service projects? I’m guessing there are more than I can count.

Now I put the idea out there for you. Those of you who are teachers, community leaders, scout leaders, youth group leaders, church members, etc., think about getting the kids involved. Teach a group to knit or crochet, create a square collection drop-off box in your community, help put the blankets together, or do a yarn drive. We are always needing yarn to turn these squares into blankets, or to hand out to donors who would be unable to contribute without donated yarn. There are so many ways to help Love-Squared. We truly rely on word of mouth and the generosity of the community to keep us going.

I am excited to hear about the way you are going to get the youth, or your circle of people, involved. I am here to answer questions or listen to ideas. Email me at or comment on the page of


Squares total update!!!!

Hello to all.

I hope all of the holiday celebrations were wonderful. First I want to say Love-Squared is going strong. I received a message recently from someone who had been told we had stopped accepting squares and were no longer in business. That is not the case. We are still working hard in the midwest and gaining ground in Oregon. KEEP THE SQUARES COMING and keep spreading the word. We cannot make this happen without all of you.

Squares can be sent to:

LOVE-SQUARED               C. Clark                                      Leah Casarez/Love-Squared
217 Nichols Dr.                   6750 Sterns Rd.                        4450 NE Prescott St.
Saline, MI 48176                Ottawa Lake, MI 49267         Portland, OR 97218

Now to the super exciting news. Donations have been steadily coming in. Since November 1, 2014, Love-Squared has received

636 SQUARES!  Many completed blankets and a large amount of yarn!

They have come from all over the United States and as far away as Puerto Rico! That blows me away. We still have four months to go to reach the goal of 3,000. With this momentum I believe we can do it! KEEP THEM COMING!  Photos can be seen at

familydonateAs always, Kathy and Christie, along with their seaming elves, have been busy and accomplishing the near impossible. I have posted this on the facebook page, but their hard work made it possible to donate a blanket for every child at a JXNinterfaithshelterfamily shelter in Jackson, MI and nearly all of the children at Family House. I am still beyond words for that accomplishment. It has always been my goal to take on more shelters, and be able to provide blankets for every single child living in them. Both of these goals became a reality at the end of 2014.

As always I must leave you with a huge heartfelt THANK YOU! Love-squared could not do what it is doing without all of you!

A new challenge from Me to YOU!

Our lovely Christie and Joe

Our lovely Christie and Joe

Before we get to the challenge I’d like to give you a bit of back story. I have been thinking about this goal for a few years but did not have a way to accomplish it. Shortly after Love-Squared began, my husband, eldest son, and myself volunteered in the dining hall at Toledo’s Tent City. Tent City is a weekend-long event that provides meals; warm clothing; medical/dental care; hair cuts; and help getting very important documents like birth certificates, state ID’s, and social security cards. The hours we spent serving and conversing with our fellow Toledoans of ALL ages was eye opening. There was laughter and smiles and friendship every where we looked. This cemented for me Tent City founder, Ken Leslie’s concept of “1matters.”  Every single person matters — no matter who they are or what their current situation. It was an amazing weekend and I hope many of you will look into these organizations or events that you may have in your area. Any way, back to the reasons for the new challenge. As we were walking back to our car that evening, we saw many of the children and families we had spoken with during the day getting tucked into their cars. Extra coats and socks were being put on for the chilly night. It broke my heart to say the very least. I have not stopped thinking about what more I could do and the idea took hold. There was no way to make it happen a few years ago, but with all of you on board WE CAN MAKE IT HAPPEN!

The new challenge to all of you is 3,000 squares. Three thousand squares for 100 blankets that will be given to children and families who want them at next year’s Tent City.201088_10151258925336830_62695905_o

299657_10150403732211830_1769881447_n This is a huge goal, but we have one full year to make it happen. Starting today, November 5, 2014 through May 1, 2015, we need to collect 3,000 squares.  Use left over scraps from your holiday knitting/crochet projects. Make a square as an instant gratification project between longer to complete items. Remember, 8″ x 8″ of any fiber, color, or pattern. Plain or fancy, they are all loved and needed.


Let’s Scare away the Cold Together

Hello to all of you.

As always, it has been a while since I last posted to the blog. Most of you are aware that my family and I made a huge change and relocated to IMG_3578Oregon. Unfortunately, that meant taking a break from squares. A huge thank you to Kathy and Christie for keeping Love-Squared going strong in Michigan/Ohio. I really don’t know what I have done without you stepping in. Before the kids and I started our three-day journey west, Christie hosted a sorting party. It was a chilly, rainy day. What better weather to remind us how important these blankets are.  At the end of the day full of laughter, chatting, great food, and friendship, we had sorted 1, 620 squares into 54 blankets. Amazing work everyone. I love seeing all of your beautiful work turning into wonderful blankets.IMG_3583

Cooler days and nights are becoming more frequent. This is usually the time when there is a broader awareness of those less fortunate. In reality, warmth and comfort are year-round needs. Love-Squared works hard to make blankets donations throughout the year. The largest donation is usually made at the end of summer/beginning of fall with the increase in families seeking shelters. Family House of Toledo has posted that they are at capacity, with 70 of their residents being children. These seventy children are a tiny fraction of the kids without homes or in need of warmth.

This being said, Love-Squared Michigan could really use help seaming blankets together. We would love to have them done by October 31, 2014, to help SCARE AWAY THE COLD!!!!!IMG_3577

The squares are continuing to trickle in. I can’t thank you enough for your continued support. Keep them coming so we are able to supply these blankets and some day outgrow the need for them! A 1-year long challenge coming next.

As always, you can contact me here, email, or




Better Late Than Never

     P1020429 Hello to all of you. I just realized how long it has actually been since my last post. I decided to go back to school last semester and it has been crazy keeping up on the homework as well as taking care of a family and Love-Squared. While I may have neglected the website the blankets were still being put together. Last week I delivered 57 blankets to Family House. This is the largest number of blankets we have been able to deliver at one time!!! Excellent work to you all.

     Since it is spring again, FINALLY, I am issuing another 1,000 square challenge. The time line is the first day of spring to the last day of summer. The squares will be sorted and the putting together will begin all along the time line. I’d like to have them ready to donate by mid-fall.

Some more exciting and hopeful new for all of you: it is very possible there will be a new chapter of Love-Squared on the West Coast. It is still in the talking stage and I will let you know as soon as it is finalized. BIG things happen because so many of you support the mission. Thank you for that!




Hello to all of our supporters. If you have tried contacting us through the website, please know I have not gotten your emails. I am looking into that. Until then, you can contact through facebook at while we look into it.

Thank you