Love-Squared during Covid

Hello to you all.

It has been a shameful amount of time since I, Leah, last did a blog post or responded to questions.  I want you all to know that we are still going strong – collecting squares and donating blankets.

Covid, and the Covid safety measures, have definitely changed the way we are doing things personally and with Love-Squared. Mail is still moving slower than normal, but we are receiving your squares. It may take us a bit longer to post them because we do let the packages quarantine for a few days before being handled and opened. We are keeping direct contact with others to an absolute minimum, which means sorting parties and any teaching groups have been put on hold. Kathy will be sorting squares in the next weeks to keep a steady supply of blankets ready to be seamed. Christie has been busy in her studio as well as keeping up on the facebook messages and posts. I have been taking squares to work and seaming on breaks. It is slow-going, but blankets are being completed rather easily. At last count, we had nearly 200 blankets ready to go.

The annual Tent City event in Toledo, OH was to be October 23- 25th. Sadly, it has been cancelled due to Covid. There are so many people who depend on the services provided during the weekend event.  Each year, 100 blankets made from your squares, are taken and chosen by their child. This year, the blankets will be going to shelters and organizations that are still able to accept donations.

Unfortunately, the longer we are dealing with Covid, the more families and individuals will be losing their home. It makes what we all do that much more important. Keep making and sending squares and blankets. If you are close to any of the drop locations and can help seam, get in touch. We can use all the help we can get.

Before I end this note, a reminder of our needs: Each blanket consists of thirty 8-inch x 8-inch squares and measures a bit over 40″ x 48″. The squares may be any pattern or color, but PLEASE remember no stiff dish cotton or old, scratchy, smelly yarn. Please knot your ends and weave in the ends. This is important to keep the squares form coming apart during shipping and sorting.

Until next time,

Leah (Christie and Kathy too)


Founder of Love Squared.

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