My morning meet-up

More often than not, I interact with you all via facebook or email. Rarely do I get the chance to meet you and thank you in person. Today was one of the rare days. I had the pleasure of meeting up with Mary, at the Randall Children’s Hospital in Portland, Oregon for the Purple Hats Kick-Off. Not only did I get to meet someone I have been emailing back and forth with since February, I got to learn about one of her other projects. As well as knitting squares for us, Mary knits Period of Purple Crying Caps for Click for Babies.


These purple hats bring awareness to those times of an infant’s increased crying, often mis-termed as colic. Not only is this period of time normal, it is also a time when babies are at the highest risk for shaken baby syndrome. I learned more than I could possibly pass on to all of you. I recommend you check it out, learn a bit, and knit or crochet a few hats.

purple-acro_medium copy

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