Phew! What a summer

It has been way too long since the last blog post. Kids out of school, my husband’s motorcycle accident and computers with their own agenda took up the majority of my time. Through all of this I have been plugging away at turning these squares into afghans and posting on The kids are back in school, the husband has recovered and the computers are cooperating for time being. I am now able to devote more time to the squares and starting the process of getting the 501(c)(3) status. With the legal non-profit status we will be able to move forward a little easier. Craft and yarn companies, as well as private donors, will be able to donate end of season yarn, supplies and funds to us while getting a tax break. We will also be able to apply for grants that could pay for people’s postage for sending squares. It opens so many more possibilities. It is a long process, but I will be making it happen.

As you all know, Family House of Toledo receives our afghans. Due to funding cuts they have had to cut their food assistance programs.  Love-Squared and the Dragonfly Tea Cottage in Sylvania, OH, are sponsoring a food drive to help stock the Family House pantry. There will  be a drop off box at the Dragonfly for non-perishable food items from from Tuesday, September 18 РOctober 12, 2012. The beautiful owner of the Dragonfly is giving away a free cup of tea with your donation and purchased lunch. While you are there enjoying your free tea, check out the menu and please be sure to thank Jen for being such a HUGE supporter of Love-Squared.I am still working on other donation drop off sites and will post them here and on facebook.

Speaking of the Dragonfly support. My friend, Michelle, and I went in for lunch. The first thing Jen said was, “I have a bunch of squares and blankets for you.” I love hearing that. Wast I wasn’t expecting was a bunch of squares and FOUR full afghans. Tavia and her friends were busy while on their two week vacation. You ladies blow me away. I have posted the photos on facebook, but I am going to post them here too. I wish the camera could show how soft they are. I know the children who get their love-Squared blanket are going to hold onto them for years and years.

Until the next post, Happy Monday to all of you. Keep sending in those squares! There are lots of photos to post today and this week.

Founder of Love Squared.

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