Round 1 deadline is here

Hello and happy Friday, to all.

The deadline I had set for collection of squares for the first group of squares is here. Any squares donated after today will become our next round of afghans. I am very anxious to see all the squares from the Dragonfly Tea Cottage and Rising Stars Dance Academy.

Starting Monday, I will begin putting the squares together to make the beautiful and colorful afghans. I will document well with photos and posts for all of you to see. I am excited to count the squares to see how many afghans we will be able to donate to Family House. My goal was to have six afghans, but I am pretty sure we will go over that number!

Please check out the Family House facebook page or to learn more about them. Love-Squared is proud to donate our afghans to such a wonderful organization. We will continue to donate afghans to Family House as long as their is a need. With YOUR continued support for Love-Squared, we should be able to donate to other wonderful shelters and organizations as well.

A final note. Love-Squared could not exist without all of you. The support you have shown by donating yarn and squares and spreading the word is what keeps us going. Please continue telling everyone you know about us and sending in your squares! There will always be a collection basket at the Dragonfly Tea Cottage on Main St in Sylvania and Rising Stars Dance Academy in Mayberry Square, Sylvania. I will keep you informed of more collection locations as they become available.

Thank you again,

Leah and Love-Squared

Founder of Love Squared.

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