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Dragonfly Artisan Tea Cottage Sets Goal For Squares

Knitting at The Dragonfly

Jennifer, owner of The Dragonfly Tea Cottage in Sylvania, OH, has set a goal of 75 squares from her patrons.  These squares will be joined to make patchwork afghans and gifted to homeless children in our area. Family House will receive the first bunch of afghans. You can drop off your squares at the Dragonfly Tea Cottage, 5723 North Main Street, Sylvania, OH 43560



We would like to welcome Family House of Toledo

Helping families since 1985We found our first Love Squared recipients. We are happy to be giving our first batch of afghans to the children of Family House.

Through our conversation with executive director Renee Palacios we were made aware that there are currently 41 children that reside at Family House. There is a very real need here in the Toledo area. Remember you are not limited to just making squares to give kids blankets(although we totally appreciate it). If you feel so inclined please check out the Family House Facebook where I recently saw they were in need of bar soap among other supplies. You can also contact them via their website

If you have time there is a need. Those of you who have been sending in your squares we are very proud to call you a part of the Love Squared family. Keep up the good work.

Thank you.