The blog is coming back UPDATES


It has been an incredibly long time since the site was active. As I get moving on it again I have a few updates.

1.The current addresses to send squares to are :

217 Nichols Dr                              6599 Muller Rd
Saline, MI 48176.                         Ottawa Lake, MI 49267


7430 N fowler ave                      720 NE Alice’s Rd #23
Portland, OR 97217                   Waukee IA 50263

2. Please knot off,  tie, and weave in the ends. There has been an issue with squares coming apart during sorting and shipping.

3. Please do not put dryer sheets in with the squares. During shipping the perfume smells increase and become over powering.

4. THE CONTACT PAGE on the site is not working for some reason. It’s on the list of things to look at. Email or message us on facebook.

Thank you all so much for your patience here and your continued support and interaction on the facebook page. I look forward to writing and posting more here.


Founder of Love Squared.

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